Best Cities to Visit in the US

Traveling is one form to rejuvenate one’s, tired soul. If you have any plans to go on a vacation, the US should be one on your list. The country can offer you a lot from food, history, and beautiful views. Better prepare your esta USA and visit the best cities in the US.


Miami, Florida

If you want to spend your day lying on a white sand beach lined with palm trees while sipping a cold tropical drink, then Miami is the city for you. The city can give you the best nightlife with its trendy lounges and cocktail bars. However, there is a lot more to see and experience in the city.

After a relaxing sunbathing at the beach, you can take a walk and wander around their version of Havana. Stroll the Maximo Gomez Park and Calle Ocho. Have a taste of their Thai Tapas, pastelito ice cream, and slurp oysters. You can do all of these in a single day! Don’t forget to visit Wynwood and admire the best street art in the world.


Portland, Oregon

If you want to enjoy top-tier breweries, food town, and spectacular sceneries, then go to Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses can let you visit spots by walking, taking a bus, or biking. You can check their 5000-acre city park called Forest Park filled with massive, old trees, moss, and streams. Take the Lower Macleay Trail and hike it up to the Pittock Mansion.

There are other areas in the city that you can check such as Kerns, Sunnyside, Buckman, and Richmond. You can check the bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that surround the Victorian bungalows, city parks, bikeable roads. Don’t leave the city without visiting Powell’s Books or even the eccentric Paul Bunyan statue which is some of the beloved landmarks of the city.


New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want to visit a city brimming with culture, you should go to Louisiana in New Orleans. With its Spanish, Caribbean, and French influences make it the best city to stroll in America. Walk the lamp-lit cobblestones of the French Quarter or the manors in the Garden district while enjoying a drink.

Louisiana can give you old live oaks, historic architecture, joyous music, and elaborate ironwork. Enjoy the vibrant music, food, and history that the Crescent City can offer. If you are looking for something thrilling, you can check the Lafayette Cemetery and get lost in its ghostly labyrinthine.

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