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Quick Overview Of The Current eTA Canada Program

Will you be flying into one of the major cities in Canada soon? You may be coming in from Europe, South America, or some other country. In order to land at an airport, or to transit through a Canadian airport, you need to have what is called an electronic travel authorization. There is a program in Canada that is called eTA Canada that many people know about, especially those that have traveled into Canada before. It is only seven dollars Canadian money, but it is an investment that will allow you to go into this country. Let’s discuss how it works and how you can apply to get one.

How Does The eTA Canada Program Work?

You will go to the main Canadian government website. You will go directly to the citizenship and immigration page. From there, is the link that will show you how you can visit Canada. It is there that you will find the eTA application. Filling this out will only take a few minutes. It will also have different pages depending upon the language that you speak to learn more about the program. There are certain prerequisites that you must have in order to apply which will include a debit card, credit card, valid passport, plus you need to have an email address where they can send confirmation that you have been approved.

Does The Process Take Very Long?

The process itself is very straightforward. It will only take you a few minutes to be approved. You typically no even shorter than that, and once the approval has occurred, this will be digitally connected to your passport so that you can travel into Canada. It is a prerequisite that helps the Canadian government understand who was coming into their country. It is similar to the ESTA that is required for traveling into the US. To find more information, go to the Canadian government website today to learn how to apply using their application.

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