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3 Ways to Explore Belgium

Belgium is a great place to visit on your next getaway trip. It is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. Belgium might be small but it has a lot of places to explore. Travel, however, is an important thing to to have planned out before you travel.  Make sure to know about your travel methods before you go. To help you with that here are some ways to get around Belgium.


Rent From Locals

IN an age of peer to peer (PTP) services, even car rentals are in on the action. When in Belgium you can use the APP Car Amigo to rent a car from a nearby local who would not use it in the time being. Having a car to drive around gives you more access to places that are more remote. This also gives you better access to areas that trains might not be able to get you too.

If what you want id to drive around the country renting a car is the better option, it gives you more freedom and control. Through a PTP app, it can also be much cheaper, even up to 50% off compared to traditional car rentals.


Take a Pick of Train Passes

Belgium has plenty of trains travelers can use to go around. In fact, they have a number of train passes. The first one is the Belgian Rail Pass, that costs about 77 Euros. This pass gives you ten train rides or make 5 round trips depending on their plan.

The GoPass10 offers the same as the Rail pass but has a 25 Euro Discount as it is specifically for travelers under the age of 26. There is also the Go Pass 1, a one-way ticket costing 6.2 Euros. There is also combination fares called B-excursions that is great for families who are looking or a one-day trip to zoos and amusement parks.


Going Under Ground

Another good way to travel, especially if you’re in the bigger cities like the capital Brussels and the second biggest city, Antwerp. The trains go in and out of the underground tunnels, so it is both an interesting experience as well a fun way to sightsee.

IT’s good to do more research on this, but you now have a basic idea. If you want to travel to Belgium or anywhere else make sure you have your inquiry and your essentials like passport, IDs, and Etias Europe ┬ávisa documents. Keeping them in a safe place close to you saves you from any hassle as you travel around Belgium.

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How To Get Your ETIAS Visa For Europe

If you are going to be traveling to Europe you are going to need the ETIAS visa if you want to get on your flight. This visa is designed to make it safer to travel. It also ensures that travelers don’t stay in the country longer than they are supposed to be there. You will need to apply for this visa before you get on your flight and if you don’t have it you won’t be able to board your flight. Traveling to Europe is exciting but you need to make sure you get your ETIAS or you won’t be able to plan your trip.

The ETIAS is very easy to get and it is something that you can easily get online. You just have to fill out a very short form and you can get your ETIAS right away. It doesn’t take a long time to fill out the application and most people get approved fast so you don’t have to wait to get your ETIAS.

Sometimes the applications get reviewed by hand and if your application is reviewed by hand you might have to wait longer for your approval. You never know when you are going to go through a hand review so you don’t want to apply for the ETIAS the night before your trip. If your application needs a hand review you run the risk of missing your flight.

You will have to pay a small fee if you need your visa and you also need to provide information from your passport so you need to have it handy when you are filling out the application. The ETIAS visa is electronic which means that you won’t ever have to print anything out to get your visa. Your visa is electronic and most people don’t have any issues with getting approved.

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