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Top 4 Most Popular Sports in New Zealand

Other than the beautiful scenery that you get to see in New Zealand, there are also various activities that you can do during your visit. Below is a list of the four most famous sports that citizens of New Zealand engage in for fun and fitness.


Rugby Union

Rugby is the official national sport of New Zealand but originated from the UK. The country has its national team, called the “All Blacks,” and they are one of the leading international rugby teams worldwide. The All Blacks are also the current Rugby World Cup holder.

There are many different rugby leagues and clubs in New Zealand, and so if you are traveling to this country, it would be great if you could stop by and watch one game for you to experience their culture. You may even see the team perform the Haka, which represents a part of their Maori culture.


Cricket is the country’s national summer sport. It has similar rules with baseball since you play this sport with a bat and a ball but at the center of a 22-yard long pitch. In a game of cricket, there are two teams each with eleven players. You have to run from the batting area to the other end to gain a point.


For the women in New Zealand, netball is the most popular sport. This sport is a derivation of the early form of basketball. Similar to basketball, you play the game on a rectangular court with a ring on opposite sides. However, unlike in basketball, players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing to a different teammate. The game lasts for an hour and the team with the most points win the game.


Football is growing more and more popular with both men and women. More citizens play this sport than any other sport. The name of the men’s national team is All Whites while the women’s national team is called the Football Ferns.

To even get a chance of experiencing these sports firsthand, you will have to obtain a New Zealand visa. However, if you are from the UK or Australia, you are exempt from this rule. Before visiting New Zealand, you will have to make sure that you have the appropriate visa or eTA.

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