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All You Need to Know About USA Visa

Do you need to temporarily work or visit the USA? Then you need a USA visa which is generally a stamp or authorization inside the traveler’s passport issued by his/her country of citizenship. It is of great importance to understand that obtaining a USA visa is not a guarantee of entry in the United States as the DHS may determine that you are not suitable to enter the USA for reasons such as extremism, similarly some individuals wishing to enter the US on temporary basis may not require a USA visa at all.

Types of USA Visas.
The USA visa constitutes two types namely; non-immigrant and immigrant visa types. Immigrant visa category allows people to enter the country and live and work permanent on a permanent basis in the US soil while nonimmigrant visa type allows people to temporarily visit and work within the USA territory for tourism or business purposes.
Under these two categories there are other visa categories such as the B-1 Business Visitor visa which permits entry in the USA for business reasons only, the K1 Fiancé visa which permits a traveler to enter the US for marriage to a USA citizen, finally we have the B-2 and B-1 known as Visitor visa allows entry in the United States for tourism and medical reasons.

Visa Application.
Different categories of USA ESTA visas take varied waiting periods and in some instances, there is a limit to the number of visas issued in a year. So it is important to apply in advance before your planned travel time to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
Visa application requires documentation, completing the necessary forms, paying the stipulated amount of fee and sometimes fingerprinting and interviews at the United States of America consulate or embassy in your home country are required.
It is of importance to ensure that you have filed for the correct visa in the correct manner to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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