Important Things You Should Know About eta New Zealand


Are you searching for information on eta New Zealand? The electronic travel authorisation has been introduced by New Zealand for all the citizens of Visa waiver countries. There are a total of 60 Visa waiver countries which means the citizens of these countries do not need to visit a consulate or embassy in order to obtain their travel authorisation. It can be obtained online in a matter of minutes.

Most of the applications for eta New Zealand are processed within 24 hours but there are times when it takes 72 business hours to process the application. Once the application has been made and it has been processed, the applicant is granted the authorisation to travel to New Zealand on the email address they provided in their application form. Keep in mind that it is valid for 2 years from the time it is granted and you can use it for multiple visits.

In order to obtain this electronic travel authorisation, a small processing fee along with a tourist tax needs to be paid by the applicants. The tourist tax is used for maintaining the tourism infrastructure in New Zealand. As far as the application for this process is concerned, you will need to provide certain personal information including your full name, address, date of birth as well as travel plans along with some other things.

Overall, the process for electronic travel authorisation to New Zealand is extremely simple. It is important that you apply for this authorisation before you depart. You cannot get it on arrival. If you need a transit authorisation, it can also be obtained electronically. Everything is done online and the process is smooth. You need to be ready with the information that is required and you will also need a way to pay the required fees before you start the online application process.

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