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Your Guide To Getting A Visa For Brazil

how to get a visa for brazil

Are you planning to travel to Brazil in the near future? If you are, you have chosen a wonderful location! Full of fascinating culture, curious traditions, great cuisine and plenty to see and do, you really be spoiled for choice during our trip.

That being said, to really enjoy your travel, as well as your vacation, it is essential that you have everything in place before you leave. One essential factor that needs your attention is your visa application for Brazil. Do you need to know how to get a visa for Brazil? We can tell you.


Firstly, you need to provide your signed passport as well as a copy of the personal information page on your passport. Make sure that you still have at last 6 months validity on your passport and that there are at least two pages which are blank for the visa stamp.


You will need to provide a photograph which meets the exact specifications of those outlined in the guide for your visa application. It must have been taken within the last three months, be against a white background and provide a full frontal view of your head and face.

The Application

You will need to make a full application using the official website. You will receive a code at the end of your application. You will need to print your full application once you have completed all parts and include it in your Visa Central Application Kit.

Indeed, getting your visa for Brazil will take a little time and effort, however, rest assured that it is time well spent. Brazil is full of color, excitement, and places to see. By caring for your visa application well in advance of your travel it will give you one less thing to get stressed about. After all, going on vacation should be full of fun, not worry!

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