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Things That Might Get Your ESTA USA Clearance Denied

Most people now know that they must fill out paperwork before going into visa free countries. The idea of just waltzing into them, especially in the current political climate, is something that only happens in the movies. However, most people don’t know what will get their ESTA USA clearance, and with it their ability to go into the USA, denied. Thankfully there are just a few little things that will get this clearance denied and most of them will never apply to anyone who is looking to travel.

The first thing that will get the paperwork denied is if the information provided doesn’t match. If you have changed your name, gender, or anything else on your passport or in your home country, you will need to reflect that information on your application or update your status. If you put in a different name or gender than what will appear on your passport you may be pulled off your flight or told that you need to re-do the form. This can result in expensive delays.

The next thing that may get it denied is citizenship that has recently changed or dual citizenship with countries that are on watch lists. Many times this can be dealt with through an appeal or with a little more information being granted to the USA government. However, if either of these apply to you, you will need to start the process much sooner than everyone else.

After that, people who have committed a violent crime should be prepared for their application to be denied. Not all crimes will take away access to the USA, but many will. Do not try to get around this by lying on the ESTA, customs officials have more information available to them and may refuse you entry if you lie about a crime, even if it is one that would not normally bar you from access to the country.

Finally, having a condition such as Malaria, Ebola, or the Zika virus may have you barred from the country. If you have had a contagious condition, the application process will ask you more information to determine if you are safe to fly. People who have these kinds of conditions, or who have had them in the past should apple for their ESTA USA clearance to enter the country much earlier than other people to ensure that any extra requirements are met.

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