Quick Facts About The ESTA Visa Waiver Program

Due to the residual effects of the terrorism attacks 20 years ago, getting into and out of the US has become quite cumbersome. The security checks alone take hours and the applications for visas aren’t any easier. This has led to the introduction of the ESTA visa program. It is meant to help streamline the application and approval process of getting a visa, especially for frequent travelers from certain countries. Here are some tips you can use to get one and enjoy the convenience.

The ESTA System Is Mostly Automated

This helps make things quicker since most of the application and acceptance is handled by computers. These computers use preprogrammed algorithms to determine the eligibility of visitors to the United States under the Visa Wavier Program.

The program is fairly inexpensive at about $14 per accepted person. There is a requirement that the fee be paid by credit card as this is one way to help eliminate fraudulent applicants. If, per chance, your application is rejected, you will get a refund of $10 and the other $4 is kept as a handling fee.

The advantage of the ESTA visa is that, after you’ve been awarded one, you can travel multiple times over the next two years without re-applying. This saves time and money for the frequent traveler, especially business and family travelers.

The application process can be very quick and most travelers are either accepted or rejected almost immediately. You should make sure that you have your visa taken care of, however, before you make plans to avoid any inconveniences caused by a rejection.

There is a list of the countries that are eligible to apply for the ESTA type visas online. You should check that list first before you apply. Then, make sure that you meet the other requirements to avoid any complications.

The ESTA visa has helped streamline the travel to the US for many people that travel on business or have family members there. It is quick and easy to apply for and the acceptance and rejection is nearly immediate. It’s the best way to go if you’re from one of the accepted countries.

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