3 Things To Expect When Traveling In Iceland

Honeymooners and tourists from around the world have flocked the country of Iceland. Despite being part of ETIAS in 2021, its still one of the number 1 place to visit by people from non-Schengen countries. Its no wonder since they harbor beautiful mountains, relaxing geothermal pools, and one of the best places to watch the northern lights.

If you’re someone who wants to check off  Iceland to their bucket list, make sure to read this article for things to expect in Iceland.



  1. Expect Unexpected Weather

Weather conditions can drastically change from time to time in Iceland. Its very important to follow their excellent warning system for a safe and hassle-free journey. Do not also forget these tips to enjoy your tour to the fullest.

  • Pack Accordingly- Do not forget to bring winter clothes and extra layers of clothing. Always make sure that you will be ready with cold-weather as winter garments are expensive in the area.
  • You May Have A Hard Time With Your Circadian Rhythm- Iceland only gets a limited time of sunlight per day. Sunrise may happen at around noon and set after four to five hours near winter. However, June daylight can extend as much as 20 hours. So, you have to make sure to prepare for these time differences.


  1. Iceland Locals Love To Swim And Like To Be Clean.

Since they have a lot of geothermal pools, Icelanders love to have fun in their pools amidst their cold weather. They have a lot of amazing thermal pools, which is labeled as one of their tourist attractions. If you want to try hopping in their pools, make sure to follow these tips.

  • Be Ready To Shower Naked. Although the shower area is separated by genders, most pools would have a general space for showering that would require you to shower naked.
  • Don’t Forget To Shower And Scrub- Locals are very particular with hygiene, you will be required to take a shower and scrub your body without your bathing suit before going in.


  1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Credit Cards.

Most people in Iceland do not bring cash with them and pay using plastic. In the same manner, tourists are not required to bring in lots of cash and are advised to pay using their credit or atm card. Do not worry since almost all establishments accept cards, even pay toilets and small restaurants.

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